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NCCIA arranges sponsorship for several scholarships that are awarded to selected students and faculty. This year we are proud to offer scholarships sponsored by the following:

NCCIA Scholarships

Recipient Selection

The NCCIA selection committee shall determine the recipients of the scholarship. The committee shall consist of three (3) members from the community college system teaching in the computer programs.

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2024 Student Scholarships

*** Nominations are now closed. Decisions will be made soon. ***

Scholarships include:

  • Annelle Pegg Memorial Scholarship
  • David Harris Memorial Scholarship
  • Bruce Waugh Memorial Scholarship - sponsored by Stanly Cisco Academy Support Center
  • NCCIA Leadership Team sponsored Scholarship
  • Jack and Argavick Scarboro Memorial Scholarship - sponsored by Dr. T. Ray Ruffin Foundation
  • McGraw-Hill Education Scholarship
  • Paradigm Education Scholarship
  • Pearson Higher Ed Scholarship


To financially assist full-time students who are currently majoring in a computer program and who have completed at least one semester with a 3.5 or higher cumulative grade point average in their program. (Unsuccessful applicants may reapply the following year.)

Selection Criteria

The general scholarship recipient must be a full-time student majoring in a computer program with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better in their current program of study.

Faculty Scholarship

*** Nominations are now closed. Decisions will be made soon. ***


To financially assist a full-time community college computer instructor by reimbursing expenses up to $750 for tuition, travel, accommodations, meals, fees, books and other expenses that are associated with training to improve classroom effectiveness.

Scholarship Funds

NCCIA will award the Carol Jones Memorial Scholarship to a full-time computer faculty member. 

Selection Criteria

The scholarship recipient must be a full-time computer instructor who can demonstrate that the training had a significant impact on their classroom effectiveness.

Published/Edited on February 5th, 2024