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Bylaws for the Computer Instruction Association
of the North Carolina Community College System

Approved by the membership on April 7, 1995
Effective Date: June 1, 1995
Amended by a vote of the membership on October 15, 2002
Amended by a vote of the membership on February 21, 2008
Name changed from North Carolina Computer Instructor's Association to North Carolina Computer Instruction Association by a vote of the membership on March 18, 2010


The name of this organization shall be COMPUTER INSTRUCTION ASSOCIATION of the North Carolina Community College System and shall be known as the North Carolina Computer Instruction Association or NCCIA.


Section 1. Purpose

The North Carolina Computer Instruction Association is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the purpose of improving the quality of computer instruction throughout the North Carolina Community College System.

Section 2. Membership Goals

  1. To share ideas and exchange information
  2. To cultivate professional development
  3. To acquire and maintain competencies in emerging computer technologies
  4. To identify student competencies within our students' curricula
  5. To serve as a technology resource for other organizations


All faculty members within the North Carolina Community College System and all North Carolina Community College personnel and staff involved in computer instruction are eligible for regular membership. Memberships may be requested by personnel and staff involved in computer-related hardware and software instruction from: (1) four-year North Carolina colleges, (2) two-year and four-year non North Carolina colleges, (3) North Carolina Public Schools, and (4) other professionals interested in education and technology. Honorary memberships may be created and awarded at the discretion of the Leadership Team.


Project teams shall be established for focus on topics of need and interest. The project team leader shall serve as a member of the Leadership Team and will be supported by voluntary project team members from the membership. Curriculum, as a vital part of the responsibility of each member of the association, will be a permanent and ongoing project. All other projects will exist for the duration of one or more years as determined by the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team will determine the number of projects for the association.


Section 1. Leadership Team Membership

The Leadership Team, as the governing body of the association, shall be made up of elected officers and project leaders of the association. The officers shall include President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each officer will serve for a minimum of two years. The President, President-Elect, and Vice President will be elected in odd-numbered years; the Treasurer and Secretary in even-numbered years. Elected officers will assume responsibilities for their new offices at the meeting following their election at the Spring conference.

The President and President-Elect, with input from the remaining members of the Leadership Team will present a nominee for a vacancy of the leadership team when a vacancy exists or when a position is deemed necessary. Vacancies will be decided by a majority vote via blind ballot with a quorum of members present at the business meeting voting. No individual will be excluded from service because of diversity.


Section 1. Officers

A. President

The President shall preside over associational meetings, serve as a liaison to other professional associations, make nominations to fill vacancies on the Leadership Team when necessary, call Leadership Team meetings, serve as the associational representative to the public, plan the spring conference, and serve as an ex-officio member of each project team.

B. President-Elect

The President-Elect shall serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President, select a slate of nominees to fill Leadership Team vacancies with the assistance of the President, serve as parliamentarian for the association, assume an un-expired presidential term when needed, and succeed to the office of President at the expiration of the current presidential term. The President-Elect is responsible for collecting session information and scheduling conference sessions. The President-Elect must serve as a member of the leadership team for a minimum of one year prior to assuming the responsibility of the office of President-Elect.

C. Vice President

The Vice-President shall serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President and the President Elect, select a slate of nominees to fill Leadership Team vacancies with the assistance of the President and the President Elect . The VP will also be responsible for preparing the conference program.

Leadership Team members and members at large may serve as conference support staff.

D. Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for:

  • Keeping accurate minutes for all meetings and submitting them for approval to the Leadership Team immediately (within 5 business days preferred);
  • Serving as custodian of organization records including minutes, committees, and reports of committees;
  • Keeping the official membership roster;
  • Keeping the current contact list of leadership team members;
  • Making organization records available via the web (within 5 business days preferred) to include: changes to bylaws, minutes, amendments to minutes, contact list, etc.

E. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt, distribution, and safeguarding of all Association funds. Funds shall be deposited in a location selected by the Leadership Team. Accurate records and reports shall be available for distribution on a regular basis and are subject to a yearly audit.

F. All Positions

If any Officer or Project Leader does not participate in three consecutive meetings, does not perform required duties, or misrepresents the organization, he/she may be relieved of his/her duties by a majority vote via blind ballot with a quorum of the leadership team members voting.

Each project leader shall be responsible for providing the Association with training information and updates as new technologies emerge. Project leaders should encourage possible presenters to apply to present at upcoming conferences. These services shall be provided by conference sessions, reported to the Leadership Team, and Associational reports. They will serve on ad hoc committees as needed


Section 1. Conferences

The Association shall meet during the spring of each year for a conference. Additional business meetings and special conferences may be called by the Leadership Team as it deems necessary. The spring conference will be held in locations equipped to provide training and information exchange in the central, eastern, and western regions by invitation and on a rotational basis if possible.

Section 2. Leadership Team Meetings

The Leadership Team shall determine dates and sites for regular and special meetings and shall meet during conference sessions and at other times deemed necessary to properly provide leadership for the Association. The President shall have the authority to call emergency meetings as needed.


The membership year shall run from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The membership dues shall be set by the Leadership Team and will be payable no later than spring conference each year. Dues received after spring conference will be applied to the next membership year. The Leadership Team shall, with input from the membership, determine fundraising projects and enlist sponsors to provide additional funding for the Association as needed.


The President shall appoint special committees as deemed necessary by the Leadership Team to serve at will and shall be disbanded when no longer required.


The presiding officer shall determine the order of business for each regular and special meeting. Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision, will be used as the official reference.


Officers and project leaders are required to immediately deliver to their successors all files in an acceptable format and other materials that are the property of the Association.


The treasurer shall deposit all receipts to the Association in one or more accounts approved by the Leadership Team, and disburse monies that have been budgeted or approved by the Leadership Team.

Published/Edited on October 29th, 2022